Bank of Bermuda Foundation | Grantmaking History

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Details of the Foundation's current grantmaking activity can be found here. Click the report title below to view its content.

Q3 2018

Applications up to $10,000
Name of Charity  Area of Funding  Grant to Support:  Amount of Grant 
Bermuda Bicycle Association  Connected Communities Time Trial Championships $4,000
Applications $10,000 to $24,999
Name of Charity  Area of Funding  Grant to Support:  Amount of Grant 
Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce (‘BEST’)  Connected Communities General Operating and Ongoing Advocacy Initiatives $24,000
YouthVision Promotions  Connected Communities Social Responsibility & Anti-Violence Initiative $17,500
Applications $25,000 & over
Name of Charity Area of Funding Grant to Support:  Amount of Grant 
Bermuda Festival Connected Communities 44th Annual Bermuda Festival including Public School Outreach Programmes and Perfomance Tickets for Public School Students $75,000
BIOS Education Ocean Academy Curriculum Enrichment Programme for Public School Students $65,000
Bermuda Sloop Foundation Education School Youth Voyage Programme for Public School Students $75,000
Endeavour Community Sailing Education Endeavour Middle School Programme for Public School Students $75,000
Harrington Sound Primary School Education Math Education Pilot Initiative $70,000
YouthNet Education Reading Mentoring in Public Primary Schools $40,000
Bermuda Housing Trust Healthy Families Unit Renovation Programme & Resource Officer $50,000
Coalition for the Protection of Children Healthy Families General Operating $40,000
Eliza DoLittle Healthy Families Food Distribution Centre $40,000
SCARS Healthy Families Part-time Administrator to Build and Maintain a Database to Track Outcomes $35,000
Family Centre and  Inter-Agency Committee for Children and Families Community Capacity Building Adverse Childhood Experiences (‘ACE’) Conference $30,000

Q2 2018

Applications up to $10,000
Name of Charity Area of Funding Grant to Support:   Amount of Grant 
Bermuda National Standards Committee General Support Service Fee  $5,000
PHC Foundation Education Public School Students  $10,000
Applications $10,000 – $24,999
Name of Charity Area of Funding Grant to Support:  Amount of Grant 
Talbot Brother Foundation Connected Communities Public Primary Schools’ Music Programme  $15,000
United World Colleges Education Overseas Experiential Learning for Public School Student  $20,000
Applications $25,000 and over
Name of Charity Area of Funding Grant to Support:  Amount of Grant 
Bermuda Cricket Board Connected Communities Cricket Training for Boys and Girls from Public and Private Schools $50,000
Menuhin Foundation Connected Communities Music Education Programmes in Public Schools $50,000
Bermuda Education Network Education Horizon Programme Weekly Expeditions for Public Primary Schools $67,000
Kaleidoscope Education Creative Minds Preschool Enrichment Programme for Public Preschools $100,000
BSMART Healthy Families Expansion of the BSMART Public Preschool  Programme $98,000
Open Airways Healthy Families Cost of a Part-time Staff Administrator $50,000
PALS Healthy Families Cost of the Part-time Medical Social Worker $60,000
Salvation Army Healthy Families Hamilton Food Bank and Christmas Hamper Distribution $50,000

Q1 2018

Applications up to $10,000
Name of Charity  Area of Funding  Grant to Support:  Amount of Grant 
Bermuda Cricket Board  Connected Communities The 14 & Under League for boys and girls $10,000
KBB  Connected Communities Ongoing community projects to clean up the Island $9,000
National Athletics Association  Connected Communities The 43rd Bermuda Marathon Weekend $10,000
Bermuda Overseas Missions  Economic Participation Student mission to Bangalore, India, 2018 $10,000
Bermuda Principles Foundation  Education Local conference for students $5,000
Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies  Scholarships Maintenance of $5,000
Applications $10,000 – $24,999
Name of Charity  Area of Funding  Grant to Support: Amount of Grant
BIFF  Connected Communities Special film programme offered to school children during the Festival $10,000
Bermuda School of Music  Education The ‘Every Kid Can’ Violin Programme $15,000
Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative  Education BizCamp Programme $15,000
Age Concern  Healthy Families Client Services $15,000
Age Concern  Healthy Families Financial Hardship Programme $16,000
Applications $25,000 and over
Name of Charity  Area of Focus  Grant to Support:  Amount of Grant 
AG Show Ltd. Connected Communities Continuation of the annual Agricultural Exhibition $25,000
Centre on Philanthropy Connected Communities Conference $25,000
Chewstick Connected Communities Reorganisation through strategic planning and feasibility studies $50,000
Bermuda National Gallery Education Art and Technology Programme for teens $40,000
BUEI Education Afterschool Programmes for public school students $40,000
Duke of Edinburgh Education Cost of Programme Coordinator $30,000
Impact Mentoring Education Expansion of teaching staff $90,000
PRIDE Education PATHS programme for students in public schools $50,000
Raleigh Bermuda Education Hiring of a Programme Coordinator and to increase the number of young people participating $60,000
The Reading Clinic Education IPLAY literacy screening for public preschools and ICAN math programme in public schools $75,000
Bermuda Diabetes Association Healthy Families General Operating $100,000
Bermuda Society for the Blind Healthy Families Vision Rehabilitation Therapy Programme $35,000
Family Centre Healthy Families Community & Home Based Counselling Service Programmme and Zone Coordination/ Community Mobilisation and Family Forum Programme $200,000
Pathways Bermuda Healthy Families Addiction Programmes for clients and their families $57,625
Tomorrows Voices Healthy Families Programmes for young children at the Bermuda Autism Early Intervention Centre $25,000
Windreach Bermuda Healthy Families Therapeutic Programmes, including older adult activities, for those with special needs $60,000