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Bank of Bermuda Foundation (the “Foundation”) evolved from the consolidation of the former Bank of Bermuda Limited’s (the “Bank”) three charitable trusts – its Centennial Trust (created in 1990 in honour of the Bank’s 100th anniversary in 1989) and its Educational and Charitable Trusts. The assets of these three trusts were transferred in 2000 into a new company limited by guarantee, namely the Foundation. In February 2004, the Bank transferred its sole membership in the Foundation to the Bank of Bermuda Foundation Charitable Trust with Bermuda Trust Company Limited as its trustee. The Foundation now operates as an independent, philanthropic foundation, providing grants to a wide range of non-profit groups in Bermuda.


The Board is appointed by a committee of current and former Board members.  In general, the Board functions as follows:

  • The Board is responsible for the mission, strategic direction, and policies of the Foundation.
  • The Board ensures the Grants Committee, Review Committees and Scholarship Committee reflect and serve the breadth and diversity of the community.
  • The Board ensures the financial health and sustainability of the Foundation.
  • The Board approves and monitors policies regulating the ethical operations of the Foundation, ensures that the Foundation meets all legal requirements and oversees all grantmaking activity.
  • The Board is independent and is not controlled by any other non-profit foundation or legal entity.
  • The Board oversees a clearly articulated process for board governance.
  • Board and Committee members receive an annual honorarium of between $2,000 and $7,500 and are also allocated a discretionary grant amount each year (between $2,000 and $5,000) to donate to charities of their choosing.
  • The Board meets regularly on a quarterly basis to conduct the business of the Foundation. 

Committees of the Board include Nominations & Governance, Audit, Investment, Public Relations, and Grants. The Grants Committee is new, created as part of the strategic planning process of 2016 with the intent to oversee, coordinate and provide unification of the grantmaking process as carried out by the Review Committees.

Members of the community with a specific interest in each area of funding (Economic Participation, Education, Healthy Families, Connected Communities) make up the Review Committees. The Scholarship Committee is also made up of members of the community. These Committees are chaired by members of the Foundation’s Board and may include some member/members with expertise in the various areas. We make an effort, to the extent practicable, to ensure members of the Grants, Review or Scholarship Committees are not directly involved in the areas about which they make decisions. In this regard, the Board has approved a Conflicts of Interest Policy, which sets out how any potential conflict of a Board or Committee member must be addressed. Review and Scholarship Committees include up to eight members and are responsible for the detailed review of applications and for recommending activities such as research, convenings or presentations related to their area of focus.

Board, Staff & Committee Members

Bank of Bermuda Foundation's Board of Directors
Bank of Bermuda Foundation’s Board. Absent: Phil Butterfield and Mary Hayward

The Board includes individuals with experience in finance, investments, banking, governance, law, accounting, trusts, business, insurance and non-profit work, and is supported by Mr. David Lang who is the Managing Director, responsible for relationships with non-profits and Ms. Kim Pratt, an employee of Bermuda Trust Company Limited, who handles all administrative work. As of July 2017, Ms. Vivien Carter joined the Foundation as Programme Officer, responsible for working with the Grants Committee and the Review Committees, in collaboration with the Managing Director and the Foundation’s Administrator, to implement the vision for the Foundation’s philanthropic programme as set out in the Policies and Procedures Handbook.

Board Members

Area of Expertise
Tom Conyers Chairman Accounting
Margaret Hallett Deputy Chairman Education
David Lang Managing Director Philanthropy
Phil Butterfield Director Banking
Judy Doidge Director Banking/ Secretarial
Mary Hayward Director Finance
Debbie Jackson Director Consultancy
Annarita Marion Director Accounting
Tim Marshall Director Law
Joy Pimental Director Insurance
Craig Tucker Director Banking
Dennis Tucker Director Finance
Kim Pratt Secretary Trust/ Secretarial/ Scholarships


David Lang
David Lang Managing Director Oversight of the general business and affairs of the Foundation.
Kim Pratt
Kim Pratt Secretary Administration of the Foundation and all general communication.
Vivien Carter
Vivien Carter Programme Consultant Grantee liaison, organisational learning and community outreach.



  • Annarita Marion
  • Tom Conyers
  • Tim Marshall
  • Dennis Tucker
  • Tom Conyers
  • Mary Hayward
Nominations & Governance
  • Tim Marshall
  • Margaret Hallett
  • Dennis Tucker
  • Tom Conyers
  • Phil Butterfield
  • Judy Doidge
  • Margaret Hallett
  • Debbie Jackson
  • Dennis Tucker
Economic Participation
  • Phil Butterfield – Chair
  • Annarita Marion – DC
  • Nea Dixon
  • Neville Grant
  • Leila Medeiros
  • Chip Waters
  • Richard Winchell
  • Margaret Hallett – Chair
  • Craig Tucker – DC
  • Renee Bullock-Cann
  • Kelly Francis
  • Martha Kirkland
  • Dwight Robinson
Healthy Families
  • Judy Doidge – Chair
  • Joy Pimental – DC
  • Dennis Tucker
  • Burton Butterfield
  • Gordon Johnson
  • Kim Pratt
  • Ronald Simmons
  • William Welton
Connected Communities
  • Debbie Jackson – Chair
  • Tim Marshall – DC
  • Mary Hayward
  • Jennifer Burland Adams
  • Clare Mello
  • Anthony Roberts
  • Clem Talbot
  • Dennis Tucker – Chair
  • Craig Tucker – DC
  • Nea Dixon
  • Kelly Francis
  • Kim Pratt
  • Tim Marshall
  • Joy Pimental
  • Margaret Hallett
  • Debbie Jackson
  • Lynne Matcham, Consultant


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